Your own 3D printed action figure

Did you ever wanted to be a superhero?

Yes I did

How it works

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How long does it take to create that 3D printed model?

A: It depends on number of circumstances, but we average around 6-10 weeks. So if you plan to give it to someone as a birthday gift, you better start soon enough.

Q: What is the size of it?

A: The usual size is 9 inches (including the stand), but it can be any size you want.

Q: Can you make two persons, like me & my wife?

A: Sure, we can. It will take more time, more photos from you, and more money. But it is definitely possible.

Q: What is the price?

A: It depends on the size and the complexity of the model, so the price can vary from $1050 to $2100 (970 € - 1940 €).

Q: What if I want it as a gift, so I cannot take pictures of that person in demanded positions?

A: That will be a bit complicated. We will need more pictures of that person. In the action position you can take picture of any other person.


If you are interested in creating the action figure, please contact send me an email to: