Wooden boxes - unfinished sets

Boxes manufactured in occasion of unbelievably long tradition of iron industry in Adamov. 1/?
Animals and nature of Altai mountains. 5/17
Three very similar sets of UK architecture. 13/?
Beautiful 100 pieces big set of historical cars from UK. 36/100
Beauties of Ulster. 2/?
Decalogue for every responsible employee. 9/10
Few races of pigeons. 6/?
Mushrooms. 2/?
Castles of the Czechoslovakia. 1/?
Big wooden boxes of various castles of the Czech Republic. 3/?
Protect animals. 2/?
Protect nature of your country. 7/12
Protect the birds. 1/?
Set with churches. 1/?
Some Danish costumes. 6/?
Boxes with the corn topic. 6/?
Legends of Sussex. 8/?
Most probably set with russian aircrafts. 1/?
Aircrafts. 9/?
Set of wooden boxes with the pictures of ships. 5/?
Nice large set of English ships. 24/?
Ships. 2/?
Famous steamships. 5/?
Modern ships. 2/?
British naval ships. 11/?
London towers. 2/?
Austrian cities, two different versions. 12/20
Two pieces from some muzeum. 2/?
Historical buildings in various Czechoslovak cities. 2/?
Sights belong to people, so says museums of Prague. 4/?
One hundred pieces large set of the steam engines from UK. 45/100
Prague in different historical eras and its architecture. 5/?
Unfinished set of bird of prays from Croatia. 10/?
Six matchboxes from set with dog breeds. 7/?
Czech fish. 6/?
Russian fishes. 2/?
Syrups and ciders. 4/?
Famous people. 10/?
Fifty years anniversary of Solo Sušice. 3/?
Tools by Spiral. 5/?
Military uniforms. 8/?
Military vehicles. 4/?
Living beauty of Czechoslovakia. 1/?
Most probably various badges. 1
Animals, most probably just beasts of prey. 6/?
Various animals. 1/?
Various animals. 1/?
Remnants, mix of various sets. 10/?

total: 319