Wooden boxes - sets

Various building in Great Britain 10
Match boxes with labels of various transportation vehicles from year 1750 to year 1964, all hidden in a bus. 16
Various buildings in USSR. 17
Russian circus. 17
Gift set Moscow Theatre in original box. 17
Castles of the Czech republic, orange and green version. 24
The Chochlom style of wood decorating on the wood, very popular in Russia. 17
Gift set IFA. 13
Kio circus. 17
Clowns from russian circuses. 5
Various german historical costumes. 13
Flowers. 10
Various spas from the past Czechoslovakia, in original box. 9
Czechoslovakian aircrafts, in original box. 24
Gift set issued for the olympic games 1980 in Moscow, inluding some cards. 28
Famous restaurants and vineries in Prague. 5
Famous restaurants and vineries in Prague. 9
Russian souvenirs. 17
Gift set with pictures from russian fairy tales. 17
Gift set from Solo. 24
Memorial set to Spartakiada in 1955. 19
Various sports. 24
Strojimport company. 10
10 years of Tiepark Berlin. 13
War and peace. 17
Russian winter. 25

total: 417