Normal boxes - unfinished sets

Albertville 1992. 3/8
Brown and blond hair lady from Alfonz Mucha. 2/?
Big boxes from Alfonz Mucha, gemstones. Ruby, Topaz, Amethyst and Emerald. 4/?
Some buildings built in Polish architecture. 2/?
Really old automobiles. 4/?
Old automobiles on big matchboxes. 3/?
Old automobiles. 1/18
75th anniversary of utility cars in Czech and also 25th anniversary of the Liaz cars. 1/?
Old boxes with the racing cars. 2/?
GP cars. 10/?
The Avia cars. 2/?
Old times, set of 100 pieces. 6/100
Set of balooons and airships. 15/?
Color variations from Banská Bystrica, is it only one set or more sets in various colors? 11/?
Simply "BB". 5/?
Beautiful Ireland. 16/?
Beauty of Ulster. 11/?
Several really nice old bicycles. 5/?
Various labyrinths. 8/?
Nice bonsais, I'm missing the last matchbox. 13/14
Really large set, but unfortunally I have only two pieces, could somebody help me? 2/28
The tourists matches from Bulgaria. 3/?
Three boxes from polish Bystrzica. 3/?
Weird set with various numbers. 5/?
I have no idea what these number means. 3/?
Probably from some russian gift set. 8/?
Costa Rica beauties. 8/?
30th anniversary of issuing the "Sport Daily". 4/?
The "Disko ples", color variations. 3/?
Household appliances Bauknecht. 7/?
Do you like the domino? I'm still missing 7 pieces, but this set is already playable. 24/28
Various transport vehicles. 4/?
Pictures of dragons. 10/?
Where you can meet the fire. 14/?
Soccer championship in 1994. 6/?
Soccer championship in 1998 in France. 13/?
Soccer team even including substitutes. 13/?
Examples of french labels. 6/?
25th anniversary of manufacturing in the rubber plant Púchov. 4/?
Riddles with matchsticks ... is there more of them? 5/?
Riddles with matchsticks, I miss the last box. 14/15
Vaclav Havel in different colors. 9/10
Historical themes on matchboxes. 3/?
Historical costumes. 5/?
Set showing flowers, windmills and people from Netherland. 9/?
Five castles of the Czech Republic, I'm missing the last one (Zvíkov). 5/6
40 years anniversary of Chemosvit, founded in 1934 by Tomas Bata. Manufacturing fibres and sheetings. 4/?
Match boxes from Irak. 3/?
Italian art. 3/?
Kamenice nad Lipou. 2/?
Pictures of famous people. 7/?
Unfinished set of BIG boxes. Those five last pieces I'm really not able to rustle up, I even suspect the manufacturer to not manufacture these pieces. 27/32
Another unfinished set of BIG boxes. It's little bit older, so I expect troubles to find something to this set. 19/32
Set with cards, I have not many pieces. 24/?
Unfinished card set. I just don't understand that box number VI. Does it mean that there is more than 32 boxes in this set? 29/?
Another unfinihsed set of cards. 17/32
Single box from the cards set. 1/?
Nontraditional cards set including four different card plays rules. 30/32
Sets of cards. 4/?
Really large set of animals a plants. 26/?
Knorr. 3/?
Get some Kobmands coffee in Denmark. 6/?
Nice art. 3/?
Kolkoks. 2/?
Horses. 5/?
Cans with the unknown content. 4/?
Mexican suits. 11/?
Clothes in France. 2/?
Pictures with balls. 6/?
Flowers. 5/?
Flowers. 18/?
Flowers. 4/?
Flowers. 17/?
Flowers. 5/?
Naked women from the Leo magazine. 9/?
More naked women from the Leo magazine. 6/?
More naked women from the Leo magazine. 10/?
Big boxes with naked women from the Leo magazine. 5/10
Les Bidochon. 4/?
The planes from some world war. 7/?
The air crafts. 13/?
The lion proclaiming some motos. 3/?
The engines. 23/?
The engines, from the oldest up to the newer. 12/?
London. 12/?
Lucky Luke. 6/?
Polish lighthouses. 4/?
If you look at this from the left, there is different naked woman than if you look from the right. It's really to hard to take the picture. 3/?
Crotatian cities. 11/?
Austrian cities. 7/?
The Chotebor city. 9/?
The Myto city. 2/?
Holland windmills. 4/?
Four butterflies, I guess there is more of them. 4/?
Eight really nice painted butterflies. 8/?
Quite big set with butterflies. 16/?
Few different muesli tastes for breakfast. 9/?
Exhibits from some muzeum. 3/?
Two pieces from some muzeum. 2/25
Various receptacles from Russian muzeums. 18/?
Nah & Frish. 8/?
Unfortunatelly I don't speak german. 5/?
Unfortunatelly I don't speak german. 10/?
Carry it with you all the time. 2/?
History of human dressing. 4/?
Historical dressings. 10/?
Pictures in a frame of flames. 1/?
Olympic games in Los Angeles, year 1984. 6/?
Olympic games in Barcelona, year 1992. 3/?
100th anniversary of freedom of Bulgaria. 13/?
Anyhow created pile of vegetables. 5/?
Various monuments of the Czech Republic. 11/13
Monuments of Slovak national rising in Slovak cities. 9/?
Tires. 4/?
Few examples of Prague architecture, on the back side of each box is a description of the picture in 4 different languages. 11/?
Promising set of boxes from Prague. 3/?
Historical Prague. 14/?
Beautiful pictures of Prague. 6/?
Prehistory. Each baby has it's adult - with three exceptions. 7/?
Prestige set. 8/?
Various pictures of nature. 11/12
Wonders of nature. 3/?
Dogs and cats breeds. 9/?
Dog breeds. 7/?
Dog breeds, this box has number 34! 1/?
Dog breeds. 1/?
Dog breeds. 1/?
Dog breeds. 1/?
Dog breeds. 5/?
Various psycho pictures. This set is causing me problems, the pictures are randomly combined on both sides, I wasn't able to find some order in this. 12/?
Birds. 3/6
Birds. 6/?
Parrots. 6/?
Birds. 10/?
Good advices for common citizen. 2/?
Various garden plants. 1/?
Fishtank fish. 6/?
100 years of muzeum of oceanography in Monaco. 4/?
Fish. 2/?
Sea fish. 9/?
Freshwater fish. 8/?
Cast a glance to these girls. 12/?
Seven various pieces for the chess game, I would like to have playable set. 7/12
Set of boxes Sainsbury. 5/6
What you can do with matches. 3/10
Pictures about matches. 3/?
Boxes of different color from Russia. 5/?
Famous people, do you know them all? 6/?
Sights of the Slovak Republic. 5/?
Smrecina. 6/?
Smrecina. 13/?
Smrecina. 3/?
30th anniversary of the Slovak national uprising. 8/?
Girls from Solo Susice. 4/?
Many color variations from Solo Susice. 20/?
Eight boxes with pictures from Solo Sušice. 8/12
Spar. 7/?
Set with various sports, most probably in variety of colors. 5/?
Supermodels from Slovak Republic. 5/?
World unique items made of matchsticks. 17/?
Various places in Switzerland. 24/?
Tobacco Inc. 5/?
Various ship parts. 7/?
Tatra cars. 4/?
One phone, various colors. 6/?
Tour de France. 2/?
Zetor tractors. 3/?
Metalworks from Trinec. 5/6
Various produce from the Melanesia. Quite large set. 11/?
Turkei. 3/?
Various military uniforms. 15/?
Military uniforms in chronological order. 9/?
Military uniforms, different set. 1/?
Military uniforms. 1/?
Universal games in 1973, quite ugly designed boxes in my opinion. 7/?
Vagons. 2/?
Christmas match boxes. 5/?
Even in the train the man lives. 5/?
Color variations with the same picture of Velehrad. 9/?
Military vehicles. 6/?
Volare. 4/?
Fragrant matches, each box has different smell. 2/4
Volcanos and plants. 13/?
Wax museum. 3/?
Wild animals. 3/?
Wolksvagen car types. 7/?
World Wildlife Fund. 3/?
Match boxes from Banska Bystrica. 9/?
Most probably a set with various vegetables. 1/?
Vagons and engines. 4/?
Trains. 10/?
Road signs. 1/?
Post stamps. 2/?
ZSR. 2/?
Zodiac. 1/12
Zodiac. 2/12
Zodiac. 3/12
Zodiac. 8/12
Zodiac. 1/12
Zodiac. 9/12
Zodiac. 35/?
Various animals. 4/?
Various animals. 10/?

total: 1468