Normal boxes - sets

Complete Spanish alphabet. 28
Miniature alphabet. 26
Souvenir matches from Thailand. 3
Old Czech cars. 6
Spain set of veteran cars, in little bit strange colors. 13
Sport cars set, this time with nice girls. 10
BMW Cars. 4
Bessere luft. 1
Very nice creche. This matches were manufactured as the help to the victims of floods in 2002. 9
Gift pack of miniboxes from Budapest. 5
Buena Suerte from Spain. 4
Cactus. 10
Big boxes with candies. 4
Slovak sport newspapers. 10
Domino. 28
Vehicles. Two versions of boxes, for 40 or 45 matches. 12
Graphic pictures of 24 different reasons for matches, some of them are really funny. 24
Heraldries of some German cities. 15
Examples of various exotic match labels. 16
Wooden toys. 4
Small boxes from Finland. 9
Logos of soccer teams from Costa Rica, I don't know why, but there is only four boxes. 4
Examples of paintings from renaissance artist Hieronimus Bosch. 9
Don't hesitate and buy the toy from Smer. 4
Some of Czech castles with giant match stick as a bonus. 12
Matchbox set from Japan. 8
Finished set of cards. Nothing to add. 32
Finished set of cards, little bit older. 32
These cards were manufactured only with "hearts", but I really don't know why. 8
Finished set of cards. 32
One more card set. 32
Originally packed set of cards, the rest of the cards is on the other side of the boxes. 12
Set of cards on boxes from Italy, in original pack. 16
How to make your soup better. 6
Knorr soups. 9
Various dressings from Austria. 10
Nice set of flowers directly from Japan (hello to Petore Sisuka). 6
Quite nice flowers, each box has its twin in different size. 14
Set of six boxes with flowers. 6
Various flowers. 8
Gift set with flowers from Russia. 18
Gift set with flowers from Russia. 18
Set Landshut Niederbayern in original box. 20
Medicinal herbs of Slovak Republic. 10
Naked boxes from the magazine Leo. 10
Pictures of old aircrafts. 6
Naked women from Luckyboy. Which one do you like the most? 12
Four Marlboro boxes in the gift pack. 4
Twelve months (Spain set). 12
German cities. 12
Some cities from Austria. 10
Milupa, food for babies. 12
Milupa food. 12
Windmills in Netherland. 10
Moscow 1985. 28
Eight beautiful butterflies and two night moths, also beautiful. 10
National wealth of Russia. 28
Unfortunatelly I do not speak german. 20
Unfortunatelly I do not speak german. 20
Gift set for the New year in Russia. 18
Olympic games. 14
Nice matchboxes from Philip Morris. 4
Fruit of the Slovak Republiky. 10
Historical core of the Pilsen city. 6
Different famous places in Prague. 10
Painted pictures of historical Prague. 8
Another painted pictures of Prague. Notice the rarity in bottom right corner, the box says "Two eggs", but there is only one. 9
Day by day intelectuals appear in the sky of Prague ... 4
The best beer in Prague! 4
Gift set of various boxes for Prague tourists. 10
Set Prestige with drawed pictures. 6
Beautiful photos of nature. 8
Set with some birds, two versions of boxes. 12
Few color versions from Raefessen Bank. 10
The question is - what is a Riz La? 6
Russian gift set with machines during the work. 15
Aquarium fish, the cover of the big box was issued in two different versions. 12
Set of boxes Sainsbury. 6
Smokers accessories from Nederland. 6
Big dates from the history of Czech Republic. 12
Six pictures with match topic from Solo Sušice. 6
The most advanced Soviet hardware. 28
Quite odd set of pictures from all around the world. 8
Sights in Svitavy. 10
Swiss cities. 10
Naked Tabu pictures. 10
One gorgeous set with Tatra cars - classic boxes. 16
Same set of Tatra cars - flat boxes. 16
Goods offer from Tesco. 6
Target. 4
Two streets somewhere in Germany. 2
Various types of weighers. 6
Valentine miniboxes. 15
Set of matches for smokers. 12
Boxes inspired by Easter and beer. 4
Velehrad 1990. 6
650 years anniversary of promoting Vodňany to city. 6
The Sychrov Castle. 12
Actors from the Želary movie. 5
Frogs are calling for help. 6
Let's save Madagascar. 6
Miniature zodiac. 12
Zodiac. 12
Zodiac. 12
Zodiac. 12
Zodiac, Praga Astrologica. 12
Zodiac. 12
Animals from Slovak Republic. 10

total: 1239