The story of my collection

My story about collecting starts at the elementary school, I was about 12 years old. In the art class we have had a homework to collect some matchboxes for manufacturing some objects (I made a cool robot). During fulfilling of this task I noticed matchboxes have different pictures on them. Those days was issued a set of boxes with playable cards and naked women. I've collected the playable cards set couple of times, one set I used for plays with my friends, one set I put into my collection and the rest was for the interchange.

During elementary school I enlarged my collection up to 300 pieces, which is quite high number, if you consider there was neither internet nor mobile phones and in that age I was not allowed to buy matchboxes. My biggest success from those days is finished set of naked women. Till today I have no idea how could I finish it.

After that I took a few years brake, during puberty I was busy in different areas.

At the college I resurrected this hobby. There was already an internet and mobile phones, so the collecting was much easier. I started to visit the meetings with older collectors, I traded at internet auctions and I contacted few collectors personally. From time to time I bought some smaller collection.

Gradually my collection growed up to  8904 pieces, which makes it one of the biggest matchboxes collection in the Czech Republic.

At home under the table I have a big crate full of matchboxes which I was not able to go through so far. When I will find time for it, I am sure my collection will grow up by few hundred boxes.

Because I have a small flat, I do not have any more spare room to store the matchboxes, that is why I temporarily paused my collecting. These days I take only the finest pieces. In a few years, after I will buy a new (bigger) house, I will start to trade a lot again, till this will happen, please do not send me any more offers of your matchboxes.

Roman Baros