Mysterious cauldrons at the Vilyuy valley

By the legends of local hunters there are some mysterious cauldrons at the valley of river Vilyuy (Yakutia). You can descent to some of them by the entrance on the top part and go downstairs under the ground where are several rooms. Even when temperature outside is 30° below zero inside the cauldron is the cozy warm, so many hunters do not resist and enter inside, but if they spend too much time there, they die of a mysterious disease, that is why the name of the valley is the Valley of the death and local authorities prohibited to go there to hunters. Cauldrons are supposed to be manufactured of the unknown reddish metal, which is unbelievably hard, hunters could not even scratch it with the hunter’s knife.

Expedition of Ivan Mackerle

There was an expedition of the Czech mysticist Ivan Mackerle in 2006, who discovered three of these cauldrons. Unfortunately, all three were buried under the surface of the swamp, without any equipment it was impossible to uncover the entrance and take the sample of the metal. Moreover, Ivan Mackerle get the symptoms of the mysterious disease (vomiting, loss of balance, loss of consciousness, chills), so they decided to end the expedition prematurely and transport him to the hospital.

Because Ivan Mackerle died in 2013 (so 7 years after the expedition to Yakutia) he cannot continue in the research of this mystery. So we decided to do so.

Objectives of our expedition

We would like to go to one of the cauldrons, enter it, measure as most as physical quantities possible (temperature, radiation, magnetic field, composition of gases in the air) and get the sample of the unknown metal. We also plan to film a documentary movie during the whole expedition.

We take the whole thing very seriously, we would like to assemble the expedition of scientists and experts, so the results of their observations will be taken seriously. Hopefully we manage to issue an article in the Nature magazine, eventually air our expedition movie at the Discovery channel.

Four theories

Basically, there are four theories about the cauldrons:

  1. There is nothing there, all is fabricated.
  2. Unknown geological phenomenon.
  3. It is built by unknown human civilization which perished.
  4. It is built by extraterrestrial civilization.

The 1st theory is disproven by the above-mentioned expedition of Ivan Mackerle, in addition the local hunters were not dying without a reason, right? So three theories are left to us, regardless of which one is going to be the truth it will be huge success.

If you want to help us somehow, you can send us money through our crowdfunding campaign at Nakopni.Me, eventually contact us with some sponsor, we will be really grateful to you.

Who we are

Our current team.

Roman Baroš

Roman Baroš

The founder of the expedition.

Michal Kučera

Michal Kučera


Tomáš Kalla

Tomáš Kalla

Technical consultant.


Tonak Direct Alpine


Hedvábná stezka Koktejl

We are looking for

We quantified the cost of the expedition to 2 300 000 CZK. We are proactively addressing companies and persons, we are looking for sponsors or partners for cooperation. To collect the money we created the crowdfunding campaing at Nakopni.Me, for 20 000 CZK you can buy a lottery ticket and become the member of the expedition.

In the near future we will start to look for the members of the expedition, but you can start applying already. We are looking for people for these roles:

geolog / geofyzik

geologist / geophysicist

The area is full of magnetic anomalies, interesting rocks and minerals. Geologist or geophysicist will enjoy it a lot.

operátor / mechanik

operator / mechanic

We take a lot of toys (drone, water pump, measuring devices, generator, …), we need somebody to operate it and do some minor fix if necessary.



We want to film a documentary movie of the whole expedition, cameraman will guarantee the quality of the source videos. Experience with the underwater filming is a plus.



It is possible that we fail to drain away all the water, in that case we must dive into the water. Experience with the underwater filming is a plus.



As experienced by the previous expedition of Ivan Mackerle it is obvious we could get into some medical troubles, the doctor will be useful in this situation.



The guide will take care of all the members, support them with the food etc. We aim to hire somebody local, but if you persuade us about your experience, you can become our guide.

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